The Apprentice - Task #2

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The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:24 am

With Maryland Mauler's firing the teams are unbalanced so JSIMP, I'd like you to join League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Win
- Mackinlee
- nines
- sirmikeknight (PM)
- Matt Sin

Everything Rhymes with Orange
- Da Mayer
- Ed Philly
- KevIncredible
- Original Punk
- MVH (PM)

For the second task I would like you to book a Stablewars Wrestlemania! Not only book the matches but write the results for the show - who is going to win the matches and how the matches are going to end. I want something like how the results are posted for Contract Wars. There must be no more than 10 matches and you can use past and present Stablewarriors.

The winning team will be the one with DudeyDan winning the main event what I judge to be the strongest, most entertaining and well written show. I want to see you have thought about the matches and not just thrown them together so take into consideration the rivalries that have happened around Stablewars!

Needless to say I'm expecting a vast improvement from everyone in this task.

First thing to do as always - Choose a project manager!

Due in by Monday October 3rd @ 11pm EST.
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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by Original Punk » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:39 pm


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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by KevIncredible » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:30 pm

Why is there no deadline?

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:33 am

Original Punk wrote:Why JSIMP?
No reason in particular.
KevIncredible wrote:Why is there no deadline?
Monday October 3rd @ 11pm EST.

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by Mackinlee » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:43 am

....That's tomorrow! :shock:

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:52 am

It is? Where I come from it's 5 days away... :loco:

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by Mackinlee » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:08 pm

Family Guy reference.

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:04 am

DudeyDonald doesn't like it when people make references he doesn't understand.

You better do well on this task, Mack.

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by Mackinlee » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:09 am


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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by JSIMP » Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:49 pm

Regardless of who wins, are those of us on Team A going to be able to read what Team B came up with after it's over, or whatever?

This is a fun project.

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:23 am

Yeah I'll post both in this thread.

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:46 am

Reminder that the deadline is today!

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by Mackinlee » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:04 am

Today? Who knows when that'll be...

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:56 am

Thank you both teams for submitting your Stablewars Wrestlemanias on time. Here they are:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
sirmikeknight wrote:
Spoiler!!! :
Caliber Winfield: Welcome to The Garden in Boston, Massachusetts! The site of this years StableWars Wrestlemania!
The Viper: We have a great card in store as these Stablewarriors look to settle old scores.
Caliber Winfield: Let's head to the ring where NomieHomie will announce the first match of the evening

NomieHomie: The following match, is a 20 Man over the top rope Battle Royal!

First, from the Kliq, pitcher perfection, Your Freakin Hero, legendkiller003, Axelrikky, and Macho Maddness!

Next, representing Team Discovery Channel, Westryde, LiQuid, and SeeDub!

And now, representing the Threat, Ed Philly, Blacknight, and Mackinlee!

Making their way to the ring, forming the Revolution, Maryland Mauler, MVH, The Man, Banzai, and sirmikeknight!

And their opponent, all the way from Canada, DruSlim!

Also, all the way Down Under, DXLO!

And, making his long waited return, The1andonlyjer!

And finally, from the insane asylum, RMF!

RMF slowly walks down the ramp, with a mic in his hand.

RMF: "This is so stupid, I deserve RESPECT around here. Why am I in a battle royal? I should be in Main Event, I went to college! Now, I'm going to prove that I am an ASSet by eliminating all 19 of you, because you're all LIABILITIES!"

20 Man Over-The-Top Battle Royal

Mackinlee vs. Your Freakin Hero vs. LiQuid vs. Axelrikky vs. legendkiller003 vs. Macho Madness vs. pitcher perfection vs. The1andonlyjer vs. RMF vs. SeeDub vs. DruSlim vs. Westryde vs. Ed Philly vs. sirmikeknight vs. The Man vs. Blacknight vs. The Maryland Mauler vs. MVH vs. Banzai vs. DX_lives_on

RMF finds himself surrounded and soon everyone jumps on him! All 19 competitors lifted RMF and easily tossed him out.

RMF is eliminated.

Mauler was punching on DruSlim in the corner when he goes for a clothesline but DruSlim stops him with a pair of boots. DruSlim goes for a Pedigree, but Mauler drops down and low blows DruSlim. Mauler tries to Pedigree DruSlim now but he flips Mauler over the top rope, but Mauler lands on the apron and punches DruSlim off. When Mauler tries to get back in, DXLO comes in from nowhere and connects a Super Kick on Mauler! Mauler falls to the outside, while DXLO and DruSlim give him the Suck It pose!

The Maryland Mauler is eliminated.

DruSlim and The1andonlyjer were fighting on the ring apron, when DXLO tries to superkick Jer, but Jer pulls DruSlim infront of him and DXLO hits Dru and Dru falls to the outside!

DruSlim is eliminated.

As DXLO is trying to apologize to Dru on the outside, when Jer grabs DXLO by the neck and tosses him to the outside on Dru!

DX_lives_on is eliminated

sirmikeknight had just hit a huge powerslam on Mackinlee and tried to eliminate him, when Blacknight and Philly stop him just in time. They picked sirmike up and drop him on the top rope with a flapjack, Blacknight conencts with a jawbreaker, and Philly delivers a flying dropkick that sends sirmike over the top rope!

sirmikeknight is eliminated.

The Man was gaining some offense on Macho and almost got him over, when the rest of the Kliq came to the rescue. YFH hit an Angle Slam and LK003 hit an RKO before Axelrikky and pitcher easily threw him over to the outside.

The Man is eliminated.

MVH tries to stop The Kliq but the numbers gain is too much. Pitcher hits a neckbreaker on MVH while Axel comes down with a splash. Macho lifts up the much smaller MVH and tosses him over the top rope. The Kliq is dominating.

MVH is eliminated.

The Kliq find their next victim in the form of Blacknight. They gang up on him and beat him now while Macho climbs the top rope for his Diving Elbow Drop. He stands on the top rope, when Ed Philly comes and crotches Macho! Then, Mackinlee, Westryde, LiQuid, and SeeDub attack the Kliq! LiQuid has YFH and LK003 on the ropes when he clotheslines them over, but his own momentum sends him over too!

Your Freakin Hero, legendkiller003, and LiQuid are eliminated.

SeeDub and Westryde have Axelrikky in a Double Suplex but Pitcher pulls him down. Axel and Pitcher goes to punch them when Mackinlee and Philly block it and punch them back! Westy & SeeDub and Mack & Philly are punching Axel and Pitcher back and forth, back and forth when Axel & Pitcher ducked and Mack and Philly hit TDC! That got them mad, and SeeDub and Westy turned on Mack and Philly! SeeDub gets Mack in the corner while Westy picks Philly up on his shoulders and tries to dump him to the outside. Axel and Pitcher are back and they flip both Westy and Philly over, but they hang on. Axel & Pitcher tries to eliminate them, but Westy and Philly teamed again and pulled down the ropes, and Axel and pitcher went flying over the top rope!

Axelrikky and pitcher perfection are eliminated.

Westy and Philly stare at each other and starting trading punches on the apron. Westryde almost eliminated Philly when Blacknight ran and speared Westy in the gut and Westy falls to the outside!

Westryde is eliminated.

Blacknight helps Philly back up and Philly thanks him...then Blacknight punches Philly! Philly falls to the outside. He's stunned, but Blacknight is telling him it's every man for himself.

Ed Philly is eliminated.

As Blacknight was still talking to Philly, Macho comes up behind him and tosses him over! Macho celebrates the elimination as Philly starts to brawl with Blacknight on the outside.

Blacknight is eliminated.

It's down to Mackinlee, SeeDub, Macho Maddness, The1andonlyjer, and Banzai. SeeDub and Banzai are in a corner, discussing their situation, when Mackinlee charges them but Banzai stops him with a powerslam. He rolls to the outside. SeeDub takes on Macho and Banzai takes on T1AOJ. Macho goes for a punch but SeeDub spins it around into a quick stunner followed by a Pele Kick! Macho rolls to the outside. Jer catches a kick by Banzai but Banzai reverses into a Enziguri followed up by a Tilt-A-Whirl headscissors! Jer rolls to the outside. Banzai and SeeDub accidently ran into each other, stared at one another, agreed to fight, and shook hands. After some back and forth action, Banzai has SeeDub fatigued in the corner. SeeDub fights him off, and then tried to go for a Torando DDT. He leaps off the turnbuckle, but Banzai held on, and flipped him over the top rope, but SeeDub held on! SeeDub pulled and pulled until Banzai was finally over!

Banzai is eliminated.

Mack and Jer are back in the ring and Mack goes for a Rock Bottom, but Jer elbowed his way out. Jer now has Mack in a Reverse DDT position, when Macho came running with a Big boot on Jer, dropping him down on Mack. Macho goes to the top rope again and tries to go for another Elbow Drop but Jer ran up and stopped him. Jer tries for a Superplex, but Mack gets beneath Jer in an Electric Chair position. Macho leaps off with the DoomsDay Device while SeeDub chop blocks Mack! Macho is attacking SeeDub in the corner while Mack and Jer slowly get up. Jer quickly gets Mack on his shoulders and attempts a F-5 but Mack lands on his feet. Mack grabs Jer in a Gutwrench but Jer lands behind Mack. Jer grabs Mack by the hair and goes to toss him, but mid run Mack shiftss the momentum and sends Jer to the outside!

The1andonlyjer is eliminated.

SeeDub runs over and clotheslines the back of Mack's head and Mack goes over, but hangs on! Mack skins the cat and tries to eliminates SeeDub, when Macho comes running with a baseball slide, right on Mack's face! Mack falls to the outside.

Mackinlee is eliminated.

Macho tries again to eliminate SeeDub, but SeeDub pushes him away. SeeDub connects with some stong rights and bounces off the ropes but Macho stops him with a kick to the gut. Macho bounces off the adjacent ropes and attempts a neckbreaker but SeeDub spins out of it and connects with his own neckbreaker! SeeDub pulls up Macho, only to be low blowed, and SeeDub is down. Macho now goes up for a third time, and this time connects with the Diving Elbow Drop. Macho can feel the win. He scoops up SeeDub and goes to slam him over, but SeeDub reverses at the last second and Macho flips over to the outside! Macho can't believe it! SeeDub has won!

Macho Maddness is eliminated.

Winner: SeeDub

Caliber Winfield: Congratulations goes out to SeeDub for a well fought Battle Royal
The Viper: The only thing that would have made that match better is Randy Orton
Caliber Winfield: You really are an idiot.

Backstage: JSIMP is backstage on his laptop, logged into He is in a heated debate with RoMo. JSIMP starts laughing at his screen. In walks H-Bro.

JSIMP: "Look. Look what this idiot just proposed! If I tap out tonight, I leave Stablewars. If I win, he leaves Stablewars, forever! I would never tap out! This is a can't win for RoMo."

Caliber Winfield: Wow! We may see a retirement tonight!
The Viper: It would be sad to see either of these Stablewarriors go, but what a match that should be.
Caliber Winfield: The crowd is hot for this epic encounter as for the first time ever its Franchise vs Texas Kelly.
The Viper: If these guys have one good match in them it's this one.
Caliber Winfield: This match should be one of the highlights of this Wrestlemania.

Nomiehomie: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing The Kliq, Franchise!

Franchise's music hits and he runs to the ring

NomieHomie: Now introducing the challenger, Texas Kelly

Texas Kelly's music hits and he is taking his time

Franchise vs. Texas Kelly
Franchise takes control with not a care in the world. Franchise is setting Texas Kelly for the Superplex but Texas Kelly reverses it and goes for the Austin Elbow Drop. Texas Kelly is trying to tire down Franchise but as Texas Kelly went to pick up Franchise from the ground, Franchise delivers a boot to the face then both wrestlers fall down. The referee counts, they both get up at 8 hanging on to the ropes. They go at it, delivering pouches. Franchise takes control again. Texas Kelly gets back in the game with move after move and then went for the pin 1....2...he kicks out. Out of now where Franchise delivers a Franchise Bomb. Franchise is setting up is signature move the piledriver and he HITS IT! The referee counts 1....2...Texas Kelly kicks out! Franchise argues with the ref but hes say its only 2. That give stime for Texas Kelly to get up. Franchise ran to Kelly but Kelly ducks and goes for the SPEAR! Texas Kelly tries his luck and doesn't pin Franchise but instead is setting him up for his own Finisher in place but as he has the Piledriver in place Franchise Reverses and goes for his own Piledriver and Succeeds. The ref counts 1....2....3.

Winner: Franchise

The Viper: The crowd is going wild!
Caliber Winfield: This is only the second match of the night, look for a lot more good matches coming up
The Viper: Only thing that would have made that match better...
Caliber Winfield: If you say Randy Orton i'm going to slap you
The Viper: an RKO
Caliber Winfield: I hate you
The Viper: What?
Caliber Winfield: This next match is a tag match which features two epic rivalries.
The Viper: nines and 3pointally have been going at it for months now.
Caliber Winfield: Da Mayer and JCF have been battling for a while now as well. Peaking to the point where JCF banned Da Mayer from Revolution, the faction he helped start.
The Viper: A lot of animosity between these two teams

NomieHomie: This next Tag Team match is set for one fall. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 250 pounds, The Team of Da Mayer and nines, Da Boxes!

NomieHomie: Introducing next, at a combined weight of 325 pounds, The team of JCF and 3pointally, Technically Cancer!

Da Mayer & nines vs. JCF & 3pointally

3PT and Da Mayer star off this match. They grapple, and 3PT shoves Da Mayer down. Mayer comes running but 3PT drops him with a Drop Toe Hold. 3PT rolls over and gets him in a headlock. Mayer gets up and tries to Back Suplex him but 3PT lands on his feet behind Mayer. 3Pt sweeps the legs from underneath him and hits a Standing Moonsault. 1..2..Kickout! 3PT pulls Mayer to his own corner and tags in JCF. Mayer gets loose and runs over and tags in nines before JCF could get him. nines runs in only to get stopped with a shoulder block by JCF. JCF hits a couple more shoulder blocks followed by a spin-out powerslam. JCF calls for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but when he bounces off the ropes, Mayer slapped him on the back. JCF took a swing, but Mayer dropped down and avoided it. nines gets up and quickly rolls JCF up with a schoolboy! 1...2...Kickout! They both get up and JCF gets nines on his shoulders and delivers an Attitude Adjustment! Instead of pinning him, he tags in 3PT. 3PT runs in and starts beating away on nines. 3PT lifts up nines in a Suplex and then drops him down with a Brainbuster! 3PT climbs the top rope and Da Mayer tries to push him off but 3PT kicks him away. JCF runs towards Mayer, but Mayer hiptosses JCF to the outside! JCF is hurting on the outside, and Da Mayer tackles him like a black kid with a gun! 3PT leaps off for a splash, but at the last second, nines moved out of the way. As nines is getting up, Da Mayer slides in a chair. nines picked it up and raises it above his head, but it's too heavy! Lucky, 3PT is back up and he takes the chair away from him, and swings and connects right in nines's gut! Followed up by a shot on the back! Only problem being, it was right infront of the ref! He calls for the bell.

Winners via DQ: Da Mayer and nines

After the match, Da Mayer is in the ring, begging 3PT not to hit him. 3PT throws the chair, but Da Mayer ducks and it misses him. Mayer is laughing at 3PT for missing, but JCF was right behind him. 3PT was actually throwing the chair to JCF! JCF swings and hits Mayer right in the back. JCF then pushes 3PT and yells, "3Point.....GET THE BOXES" They both go to the outside and pull out several boxes from underneath the ring. They have them all set up in the middle of the ring and both 3PT and JCF have nines and Da Mayer in Powerbomb position. On the count of three, they lifted them up and drove them through the boxes! They might not have won the match, but 3PT and JCF do look like winners.

Caliber Winfield: Our next match is a throwback match
The Viper: Two Stablewarriors who were here before us, Caliber
Caliber Winfield: Just about all these matches are fought by people who were here before us
The Viper: Yeah i guess that's true

NomieHomie: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the self proclaimed, Smartest Guy in the Room, The Federation.

The Federation smuggly makes his way to the ring after his music hits

NomieHomie: and the Challenger, the oblong, Jimthor

Jimthor quickly makes his way down to the ring and the match is underway

The Federation vs. Jimthor – It’s still real to them, damnit!!

Fed and Jimthor circle the ring and then lock up. Fed pushes Jimthor into a corner and they break cleanly. They lock it up again and Jimthor slips behind Fed and puts him in a headlock. Fed moves his body to the side of Jimthor. Fed lifts Jimthor up and drops him with a back drop. Fed rolls to his knees and clears his head. Jimthor gets up and falls into a corner. Fed runs over and Jimthor goes over Fed and rolls him up in a pin. 1...NO. Fed and Jimthor stand up. Fed goes for a clothesline but Jimthor ducks. Fed then turns around and clocks Jimthor with a clothesline to the back of the head. Fed pins Jimthor. 1...NO. Fed lifts Jimthor into a seated position. Fed wraps his arms around Jimthor's neck and locks in a Dragon sleeper. Jimthor quickly moves his body around and catches the ropes. The ref breaks the hold and Jimthor rolls out of the ring. Fed comes over to the edge and Jimthor attempts to pull him down and out by his feet but Fed is just too big and he clocks Jimthor in the head. Fed lifts Jimthor by his head and brings him back into the ring. Fed goes for another clothesline but Jimthor ducks it and catches Fed with a dropkick. Jimthor gets up on the apron and climbs the top rope. Fed stands up. Jimthor leaps off and hits his classic missile dropkick. He rushes over and pins Fed. 1...2...NO. Fed gets a shoulder up. Jimthor goes over to a corner as the ref checks on Fed. Jimthor loosens the turnbuckle pad. Jimthor comes over to Fed and brings him over to that corner. Jimthor chops at Fed but Fed soon reverses it and chops at Jimthor. Fed punches Jimthor several times and then goes to the opposite corner. Fed runs over and Jimthor falls out of the way pulling off the turnbuckle pad. Fed splashes into the corner and hits the exposed turnbuckle. Jimthor pins Fed. 1...2...NO.

Jimthor gets annoyed as he gets up and has a few words with the ref. Fed holds his chest while he lies on the ground and Jimthor says that enough is enough. He lifts Fed up slowly. Jimthor attempts a superkick but Fed avoids it. Fed kicks Jimthor in the gut, picks him up and hits a massive powerbomb. Fed falls on Jimthor. 1...2...NO. Jimthor just got a shoulder up. Both men lay in the ring as the ref begins to count them out. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...Fed and Jimthor are up.

The men begin to exchange punches back and forth. Fed, being the bigger man, gains the upperhand and whips Jimthor over to the exposed corner. Jimthor leaps up to the top rope. Jimthor jumps off but Fed catches him and connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Fed crawls over and pins Jimthor. 1...2...NO. Jimthor gets a shoulder up again. Fed slowly gets to his feet and begins to stalk Jimthor. Jimthor slowly makes it to his feet. Jimthor stumbles around and Fed attempts the Massive Q slam but Jimthor shoves him off. Fed turns around and Jimthor kicks him in the gut and attempts an Irish whip but Fed blocks it and whips Jimthor into the corner. He seats Jimthor on the top turnbuckle. Fed begins to punch Jimthor in the gut. Jimthor shoves Fed off the turnbuckle. Jimthor stands on the top rope but Fed falls into the ropes and Jimthor falls and crotches the top rope. As Jimthor holds himself in pain the ref yells at Fed as he stands up. Fed looks around and begins to climb the turnbuckle. Fed looks down at Jimthor and then launches off and lands a massive moonsault. The crowd is stunned and Fed lays on top of Jimthor for the pin. 1...2...3.

Winner: The Federation

Caliber Winfield: Good match between two great stablewarriors
The Viper: Mix in Randy Orton and that would have been an epic match
Caliber Winfield: Will you stop with the Randy Orton crap
The Viper: Fine, Fine.
Caliber Winfield: The next match has the makings of a great bought.

NomieHomie: The next match is a 10 man tag team elimination match. Introducing first, The team of Charlie, Nosmo King, DaFranchiseGuy, the plow, and Scott Savage.

Team Charlie make their way down to the ring with a spring in their steps.

NomieHomie: Introducing next the team of, Naturally Aivaz, A1CWhite, Conye West, KevIncredible, and Original Punk.

Team Aivaz make there way down to the ring to the roar of the crowd

Team Charlie (Charlie, Nosmo King, DaFranchizeGuy, the plow, Scott Savage) vs. Team Aivaz (Naturally Aivaz, A1CWhite, Conye West, KevIncredible, Original Punk) - Stablewars Lukima Challenge

Scott Savage and Original Punk start off the match. Savage comes running when Punk lifts Savage on his shoulders and delivers a GTS! Pin, 1...2...3!

Scott Savage is eliminated.

DaFrancizeGuy runs in and tries to blindside Punk, but Punk kicks him in the gut. Punk tags in KevIncredible, who springs in with a Springboard Elbow Smash! Kev tosses him off the ropes, catches him in a Spinning tombstone position, and drops him down with the Tombstone Piledriver, That's Incredible! 1...2...3!

DaFranchizeGuy is eliminated.

Nosmo King climbs to the second rope and goes for a fist drop but Kev sees him and connects with his own shot, flipping Nosmo over. Kev tags in Conye West, who slowly climbs the top rope himself. West amazingly performs a Shooting Star, and lands down on Nosmo, hitting a Snap DDT! 1...2...3!

Nosmo King is eliminated.

the plow comes in ready for West, but A1C wants this one. West tags in A1cWhite. the plow sizes up A1C, and A1C gets in the 3-Point stance. They both charge, and A1C connects with a GORE! GORE! GORE! 1...2...3!

the plow is eliminated.

Charlie comes in and tells his opponents that he can take them all on, he's not afraid. A1C stares at Aivaz, and Aivaaz slowly puts his hand out for the tag. After the tag, the rest of the team dropped down off the apron, and they let Aivaz have this one. Aivaz comes in and DESTROIES Charlie. First beating him to a bloody pulp, then he threw him into the ring post, foloowed by a Germn Suplex! Aivaz slowly picks him up again, and this time hit's Gorilla Press Powerslam! Instead of a pin, Aivaz drops down and gets Charlie in an Ankle Lock! Charlie screams out in pain and tries to reach the ropes, but the pressure is too much, and Charlie taps out.

Charlie is eliminated.

Winners: Team Aivaz

Caliber: Team Charlie was just completely out matched there.
The Viper: Not even one elimination on Team Aivaz's team.

Caliber Winfield: This next match is a few years in the making
The Viper: Should be like every other match on this card, EPIC!

NomieHomie: This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first, the one and only, Matt Sin

NomieHomie: and the challenger, The short blue pimp, who is neither short, nor blue, PimpinSmurf

Matt Sin vs. PimpinSmurf

The bell rings and the two lock up. Sin sends Smurf into the ropes. Smurf ducks an attempted elbow from Sin and quickly drops Sin with a neckbreaker. Smurf goes for the quick cover: 1, 2, and a kickout by Sin. Smurf picks Sin up, who is still staggering in the middle of the ring, and runs into the ropes, goes for a clothesline, but Sin flips Smurf into a scoop slam. Sin goes for the quick cover: 1, 2, and a kickout from Smurf. Sin protests to the referee that he got the three count, but the referee holds up two fingers. Sin's delay allows Smurf to recover and both men are back to even strength. They lock up and Smurf puts Sin into a headlock. Sin counters with a jawjacker on Smurf, but unwisely does not go for the cover, and instead plays to the crowd. Smurf comes from behind and rolls up Sin. The referee counts: 1, 2, kickout by Sin barely, at 2.9. Sin is up quickly and looks frustrated. Sin runs at Smurf but is caught with a drop-toe hold. Smurf goes for a crossface on Sin, but Sin crawls away and goes to the outside of the ring. Smurf tells Sin to get back in the ring, and Sin reluctantly does, slowly. Sin offers a test-of-strength, and when Smurf goes up to test the strength, Sin kicks Smurf in the gut, giving him the advantage for the moment. Sin drops an elbow over Smurfs forehead, and Smurf drops to the canvas. Sin grabs Smurf by the hair and drags him to the ropes. Sin stands up Smurf and is attempting to drop Smurf over the ropes to the outside, but Smurf is blocking his attempt. Sin hits a quick low blow that the referee is not in positon to see. Sin executes his suplex, over the ropes, and to the outside goes Smurf. Sin tells the referee to count Smurf out. The referee begins his 10-count, but it becomes apparent to Sin that Smurf is going to answer the count, so Sin goes outside the other side of the ring, and when Smurf gets back to his feet at a 5-count, Sin comes running from behind with a tackle to the back of Smurf's knee. Sin rolls back into the ring and tells the referee to count again. The referee's count gets up to 7 before Smurf slowly gets up and rolls back into the ring at a 9 count. Sin is frustrated, and drags Smurf into the middle of the ring and begins kicking at the injured knee of Smurf. The referee tells Sin to chill out and begins a 5 count, which Sin uses all 4.9 of before letting up on the knee of Smurf. Sin goes for a cover. Referee counts: 1, 2, kickout by Smurf. Despite having the advantage, Matt Sin is getting frustrated with the referee and the crowd who is cheering every time Smurf kicks out. Sin backs the refereee into the corner and argues that it should have been a three-count. Smurf crawls over to the corner where Sin is arguing with the referee, and rolls Sin up, the referee counts 1, 2, 3. PimpinSmurf has won this match!

Matt Sin gets up and is pissed off! Sin kicks away at the knee of Smurf. The referee tries to get Sin to back off, but gets thrown down for his efforts. Sin exits the ring and heads to the back, not happy with the result of this match. The referee raises the hand of Smurf, and Smurf hobbles his way up to celebrate his victory.

Caliber Winfield: I really though Matt Sin was going to pull this one out.
The Viper: That was uncalled for either way.

Caliber Winfield: Coming up next, folks, we have the rookie vs. the veteran.
The Viper: That's right Rookie Monster vs. JSIMP, and if RoMo can make JSIMP tap out, JSIMP is gone forever.
Caliber Winfield: On the flip side, if the rookie can defeat RoMo in any fashion, RoMo's gone forever!

NomieHomie: The following contest is set for one-fall. Introducing first, from Kansas City, Missouri, weighing in at 270 pounds, JSIMP.

JSIMP's music hits and he makes his way down the ramp to boo's throughout the arena

NomieHomie: And his opponent, from Sky Harbour, Canada, Rookie_Monster!

Both men now in the ring, the referee is ready to start the match.

JSIMP vs Rookie Monster

The bell rings. As the two men circle one another in the ring, JSIMP raises his right arm in the arm as if to offer up a test of strength. RoMo raises his left arm to join, but JSIMP backs away, turns to the crowd to taunt them. RoMo also plays to the crowd, and gets cheered. JSIMP tries to sneak up on RoMo with his back turned to the crowd, but RoMo moves, sending JSIMP flying into the turnbuckle. RoMo plays to the crowd again, and JSIMP looks upset. JSIMP gets up, and they lock up, RoMo throws JSIMP back on his butt in the corner, again. JSIMP gets up, and locks up with RoMo again. RoMo sends JSIMP running into the ropes, and goes for a clothesline, but JSIMP ducks, continues running, comes back and clotheslines RoMo, and taunts the crowd.

RoMo gets up quickly and runs at JSIMP and hits hit with a spear into the corner, where the referee is also. The referee is down! JSIMP is down! RoMo looks to the crowd, and they want him to go up top. RoMo climbs the opposite turnbuckle, and waits for JSIMP to get up. JSIMP gets up and RoMo hits him with a missle-dropkick! RoMo puts JSIMP in an STF/Crossface style submission. JSIMP is slowly reaching towards the ropes, crawling and inching his way, and finally gets to the ropes. RoMo does not let go of the submission, and after about 10 seconds, pulls JSIMP back to the middle of the ring. JSIMP is tapping out, but the referee is still down! H-Bro comes running down the ramp and slides into the ring and kicks RoMo in the head, breaking the submission. H-Bro hits RoMo with the Poke Drop, and exits back up the ramp. The referee and JSIMP are now coming to, and JSIMP rolls over to try and cover RoMo. Referee counts, 1..........2..........RoMo kicks out after a slow referee count at 2.3. Both men are down but there is no 10 count because the referee is still woozy, and not yet all the way back to his feet. JSIMP slowly rolls to the outside of the ring, but is still down. RoMo gets back up, as does the referee. H-Bro comes running back out, and jumps up on the ring apron. The referee is trying to get H-Bro out of here. JSIMP has been playing possum and has grabbed a kendo stick. JSIMP jumps up to the ring apron and swings at RoMo. RoMo ducks, and pokes JSIMP in the eyes, grabs the kendo stick and hits JSIMP with it, before sliding the kendo stick back to the outside and laying down in the ring as if he had been hit. H-Bro finally gets off the ring apron, and goes to the other side to check on JSIMP. For some reason, he rolls JSIMP into the ring, apparently not realzing what had happened. With JSIMP back in the ring, RoMo hops up quickly and hits JSIMP with Wasteland, and goes for the cover. Referee counts, 1, 2, 3. RoMo has won.

Winner: Rookie_Monster

Backstage: KoolMoeDee is tying under a pile of broken tables. He doesn't seem to be moving.

NomieHomie: The next match is an elimination style six man tag team match. Introducing first the team of Hillbilly Nick, The Lawnmower and PFR, The Outsiders!

The Outsiders come down the ramp laughing amongst themselves, as they share what seems to be a private joke. Once they make it to the ring Hillbilly nick grabs a mic.

Nick: "Seems like KoolmoeDee put himself threw a few tables. Well I guess that's one elimination before this match even starts"

NomieHomie: Introducing next, the team of Fuggly Bastard, Football Mike and KoolMoeDee, The Established Guard!

The Established Guard, minus a hurt KoolMooDee, come out to the ring, and the match is underway

The Outsiders (Hillbilly Nick, The Lawnmower, PFR) vs. The Established Guard (Fuggly Bastard, Football Mike, KoolMoeDee)

Hillbilly Nick starts off the match with Fuggly Bastard. Nick makes a quick tag to PFR before anything even happens. They tie up, PFR gets Fuggly into a headlock and starts wrenching. He turns it around and hits a suplex, followed by a leg drop. PFR picks Fuggly up and brings him over to the corner where an eager Nick is holding his hand out looking to get a piece of the injured Fuggly. PFR makes the tag and Fuggly seems to recover from his dazed state and starts pounding on all three of them. He knocks Lawnmower off the apron and throws PFR out to the floor. Nick is stunned, and tries to run away. He gets to the outside and Fuggly chases him, as he turns the corner Lawnmower hits him with a vicious closeline and throws him back into the ring. Nick gets in and covers. 1...2.. broken up by Football Mike. As the ref tries to get Mike out of the ring Nick hits a blind tag for Lawnmower. Lawnmower stops Fuggly from tagging just in time and snaps in an ankle lock. Fuggly is screaming in pain and just before he taps he flips Lawnmower over and hurrys to the corner for the tag to Mike. Mike unloads on Lawnmower. PFR comes in and Mike closelines him. Mike stands there and begs Nick to come in. Nick just stands there with his hands up. Lawnmower gets up and goes to attack Mike, but Mike is expecting it and hits his with a Touchdown! pins him 1...2...3

The Lawnmower is eliminated!

As Mike gets back up PFR quickly attacks him. PFR is absolutely handling Mike, while Mike is on the ground Nick goes over to Fuggly from the outside and they start battling. In the ring PFR picks Mike up and hits him with the Tubby Bomb! 1..2..3

Football Mike is eliminated!

Fuggly gets the upperhand outside the ring on Nick until PFR comes outside and they start fighting up the ramp. Nick gets up and slowly walks over to the corner. While PFR tries to walk Fuggly towards the ring. Fuggly stop PFR and smashes his face into the ring post. Something seems to have snapped in Fuggly as he continues to wail of PFR outside the ring. The ref counts to 10.

Fuggly Bastard and PFR are eliminated!

Nick can't believe it... he gets into the ring as starts jumping up and down in celebration, but instead of the Outsiders music playing, KoolMoeDee's music plays. Nick is shocked, he stands in the middle of the ring facing the ramp, waiting for KMD to come down. KMD comes out through the crowd and taps Nick on the shoulder. Nick turns around and KMD starts unloading on him. He throws Nick to the outside and continues to attack him. He clears the announcers table and throws Nick on top of it. Nick is out cold, but KMD isn't done with him. He gets into the ring and to the top turnbuckle. KMD Splash through the announcers table. Both men are knocked out, but KMD starts to stur as the ref gets to 7. He grabs Nick and throws him into the ring. He goes to the top turnbuckle and hits another KMD Splash for good measure. 1...2...3

Hillbilly Nick is Eliminated!

Winners: The Established Guard

The Viper: Wow!
Caliber Winfield: i know, I can't believe KoolMoeDee could get up for the vicious backstage beating he took.
The Viper: I was talking about our announcers table... it's destroyed
Caliber Winfield: Seeing that match made that all worth it

Caliber Winfield: With that, we get set for our first main event of the evening.
The Viper: And this looks to be a good one. He have the Owner of Stablewars vs. the Founder of Stablewars! I can't wait.

NomieHomie: The next match is our first main event of the evening and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first the Owner of Stablewars, Watsuki.

Watsuki makes his way to the ring to great applause

NomieHomie: Next, the Founder of Stablewars, Crip.

Crip makes his way to the ring with the same crowd reaction as Watsuki

Watsuki vs. Crip - Owner vs. Founder

WATSUKI and Crip circle each other and then lock up. They go back and forth and then WATSUKI gets Crip into the corner. WATSUKI backs off slowly as the ref pulls them apart. Crip walks forward and slaps WATSUKI. WATSUKI tackles Crip back into the corner. WATSUKI lays into Crip with punches and then begins to chop at Crip. WATSUKI pulls Crip out of the corner and whips him into the ropes. A backdrop. WATSUKI pins him. 1…NO. WATSUKI puts Crip into a headlock. Crip struggles to get to his feet as the ref checks him. Crip gets up and elbows WATSUKI in the gut several times. He gets free. Crip runs off the ropes and shoulder blocks WATSUKI down. WATSUKI looks up at Crip in shock. WATSUKI stands. He appears upset and focuses. They lock up again. Crip puts WATSUKI in a headlock. WATSUKI pushes Crip towards the ropes and when Crip comes back WATSUKI shoulder blocks him down. WATSUKI picks Crip up quickly. He lifts him and lands a suplex for a pin. 1…2…NO. WATSUKI picks Crip up again and sends him to the outside. WATSUKI gets out as Crip stands. WATSUKI whips Crip but Crip reverses and WATSUKI goes into the ring steps. Crip gathers himself as the ref counts them. Crip rolls in and out to break the count. Crip picks WATSUKI up and brings him over to the English announce table. Crip slams WATSUKI’s head down on the table. Crip puts WATSUKI back in the ring and gets in.

Crip picks him up and whips him into the ropes. WATSUKI comes off and Crip powerslams him. Crip pins WATSUKI. 1…2…NO. Crip complains to the ref about a slow count. Crip picks WATSUKI up from behind and gives him a German suplex. Pin. 1…2…NO. Crip climbs the corner. WATSUKI gets to his feet as Crip jumps off and WATSUKI ducks it with Crip landing hard. WATSUKI rolls over and pins Crip. 1…2…NO. WATSUKI stands and says that is it. WATSUKI picks Crip up and nails him with a neckbreaker. WATSUKI pins Crip. 1…2…Crip gets a foot on the ropes. WATSUKI stomps on Crip a few times. WATSUKI goes to a corner as the ref checks on WATSUKI. WATSUKI takes the corner pad off. WATSUKI walks back and picks up Crip. WATSUKI whips Crip but Crip reverses again and WATSUKI hits the exposed steel. WATSUKI stumbles forward. Crip picks WATSUKI up and hits the Time’s up. Crip pins WATSUKI. 1…2…NO. Crip again complains about the count. Crip rolls to the outside. Crip grabs a chair and comes in. The ref stops him. They fight over the chair and yell at each other. Neither man will let go. WATSUKI gets to his feet. WATSUKI sees Crip and the ref. WATSUKI runs over and goes for a super kick but Crip ducks and WATSUKI nails the super kick into the chair into the ref’s face. The ref is out. Crip grabs WATSUKI and whips him into the ropes. WATSUKI comes back and they double clothesline each other. Both men are down.

They slowly start getting to their feet and as they do, Crip hits WATSUKI with a stunner! Crip goes for the pin but the ref is out. He starts yelling at the back for another ref to come down and one starts charging down the ramp. He slides in the ring. 1…NO. Crip is pissed and he clocks the other ref. WATSUKI starts getting up as yet another ref runs down. WATSUKI stalks Crip who’s focused on the 3rd ref. He spins Crip around and nails a WKO. He pins Crip as the ref slides in. 1…2…..NO. WATSUKI stares off completely shocked. He stalks Crip once again. Crip gets to his feet and avoids another WKO. He attempts a stunner but WATSUKI pushes him off and hits another WKO. WATSUKI pins Crip. 1…2…3.

Winner: Watsuki

Caliber Winfield: Now we get set for the match of the night
The Viper: match of the night? we have the match of the Decade!
Caliber Winfield: Both men have ruled the squared circle in there own time, tonight they clash in an epic battle.
The Viper: The match is for the Stablewarrior of the Decade!

NomieHomie: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is the Main Event of the Evening! Intoducing first, formerly of The Five Horsemen, Ronin!

Ronin's music hits and the crowd goes absolutly crazy

NomieHomie: and his challenger, representing Team Black House, DudeyDan!

the crowd goes wild

Caliber Winfield: The crowd doesn't know who to cheer for here
The Viper: These two Stablewarriors have given so much of themselves, this doesn't surprise me in the least.

Ronin vs. DudeyDan

The bell rings and the match is underway

Both stablewarriors meet in the center of the ring and quickly tie up. Dan pulls Ronin in for a headlock. Ronin grabs Dan's arm and turns him around to wrench it behind his back. Dan quickly reverses it and starts working on the arm of Ronin. Ronin reverses yet again into a headlock of his own and quickly rolls him over his hip to the mat. ronin gets up and goes for a leg drop. Dan moves out of the way as Ronin hits the mat. Both get to their feet and quickly reset.

the crowd goes absolutly nuts

Caliber Winfield: What a classic exchange for to of the greatest in the business

Dan and Ronin tie up again. This time Ronin pushes Dan off and kicks him in the stomache. He grabs Dan and sets him up for a snap suplex and connects. He quickly goes in for an arm bar, but can't quite get it locked in as Dan grabs his own arm to try to stop it. Ronin adjusts his legs for a triangle lock around Dan's neck, still holding onto his arm. Just as it looks like Dan is going to black out he seems to catch a second wind and gets to his feet while Ronin is still holding onto Dan's arm! Dan drops Ronin onto the back of his head. Ronin doesn't let go. Dan raises and slams him again. Ronin is still holding on for dear life. Dan again gets to his feet and slams him one last time. Ronin has no choice but to let go. Both men fall to the mat completely exhausted from the exchange. Dan starts to stur as the ref gets to the count of 7. He slowly gets up and goes to the top turnbuckle and signals for a flying elbow. He jumps and Ronin rolls out of the way. Dan falls hard to the ring. Ronin slowly crawls over for the cover. 1...2... Dan kicks out. Ronin slowly pulls Dan to his feet and hits a belly to belly suplex. He slowly walks over and picks Dan up again and delivers a back breaker. Goes for the cover 1...2... kick out. Another near fall. Ronin slumps over the ropes completely exhausted. Ronin turns around to continue his attack. As he turns around Dan does a kip up and starts delivering right after right on Ronin. Dan grabs ronin and Irish whips him off the ropes. Goes for the clothesline but Ronin ducks under it. Dan quickly turns around and drops to him stomache as Ronin jumps over it. Dan gets up and tries to leap frog Ronin but Ronin grabs him in the powerbomb possition. Dan reverses it into a hurricanranna pin. 1...2... kick out. Dan grabs Ronin and brings him to the corner. He climbs the turnbuckle and starts punching him 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and for good messure 10. He backs away to the opposite turnbuckle and runs at Ronin for the spear. Ronin quickly drops out of the way and Dan hits shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Ronin quickly grabs him and sets him up for the F-5 and connects. He pins 1...2... kicks out just before the refs hand comes down for the 3 count. Ronin can't believe it, he looks around dumbfounded. Dan gets up and starts unloading rights on Ronin again. He grabs him and hits the DudeyDrop. 1..2... Ronin kicks out. Dan has had enough. He grabs Ronin and hits him with a facebuster. He quickly grabs his ankle and locks in the DankleLock. Ronin slowly tries to crawl his way to the ropes, screaming in pain. Just before he gets to the ropes Dan drags him back into the middle of the ring. Ronin can't take much more and hesitantly taps to it.

Winner: DudeyDan

Caliber Winfield: What and epic end to an epic Wrestlemania!
The Viper: The only thing that would have made it better...
The Viper: I was going to say, if I had a match.
Caliber Winfield: I really do hate you, thank you for joining us, from The Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, i'm Caliber Winfield.
The Viper: and I'm the Viper. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. Good night.

Everything Rhymes with Orange
KevIncredible wrote:Naturally Aivaz vs Charlie
Spoiler!!! :
The show starts off with a bang as Charlie enters to the Legend of Zelda theme and a hail of boo's from the crowd. Aivaz follows this with one of the more touching entrances in history with his family and holding the infamous daughter who was wished “lukima” upon.

As the bell rings Charlie chuckles and blows a kiss to Aivaz's family which causes Aivaz to go into a blind rage and attack Charlie with a fury of punches. Aivaz refuses to pin a bloodied Charlie and eventually punches himself out. Both men gassed Charlie goes for a last ditch low blow and connects which sends Jay to the mat. As Charlie show boats Aivaz's wife Seana grabs onto Charlies leg from ringside and refuses to let go while she verbally abuses Charlie, giving Aivaz enough time to get up and pick up Charlie from behind and drop him on his head. Seana slides their daughter into the ring and holding her Aivaz puts a boot on Charlie and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Aivaz
Da Mayer vs JCF
Spoiler!!! :
Da Mayer and JCF come out and begin bickering in the ring upon the bell ringing. Clearly neither man is over the bet disagreement and they slap and yell at one another in the middle of the ring. This eventually builds up to punches and finally some actual wrestling, much to the crowd's delight.

After a back and forth cat fight that goes well over 20 minutes Da Mayer finally lands a vicious DDT and goes for the pin. 1..2..kick out! Da Mayer is in shock and begins arguing with the ref as JCF is still out of it on the mat. The ref ignores Da Mayer until he can no longer handle it and bursts into tears. He goes over to the corner of the ring and starts writing a love story while JCF finally gets to his feet. A confused JCF sees Da Mayer writing and weeping and sprints across the ring and drop kicks Da Mayer in the face. He then slides out of the ring and finds some cardboard boxes under the ring and throws them in. He lays Da Mayer on them and then goes for a 450 splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: JCF
KMD vs DudeyDan
Spoiler!!! :
The hatred between the two is obvious throughout as they continuously go for big moves on the other one and neither man even thinks about pinning the other. As the match goes on the two men lose energy but don't lose any of their fire as they want to completely destroy the other one. Eventually The Heenan Family comes out to ringside and is followed by Team BlackHouse. It's apparent both stables want their man to win this one and before long both teams are brawling outside. Dan tosses KMD over the ropes and he gets lost in the chaos between the two stables. The ref begins to count 1..2..3..4.. Dan begins to showboat as he realizes he's outsmarted KMD and will be victorious.. 5..6..7.. 3pt gets up from a clothesline on the outside and makes his way into the ring behind Dan and the ref 8..9.. Dan rasies his hand before being shoved over the rope by 3pt and also lost in the chaos. The ref begins the count again and 10 counts later the match ends in a chaotic draw.

Waves of security come out to seperate the groups and KMD and Dan, being dragged from ringside continue to scream at one another that “this isn't over!”

Watsuki & Fuggly Bastard vs Ronin & MyEvilTim
Spoiler!!! :
A battle between legends goes exactly how you'd imagine in another classic match. Both of these tag teams are fundamentally flawless and give the crowd a clinic on old school wrestling. Countless suplexes, great use of their corners, team work, the whole nine yards. Eventually Watsuki and Fuggly's team work gives them the upper hand and after landing a top rope double suplex on Ronin, they get the win.

Winner: Watsuki & Fuggly
Football Mike vs Hillbilly Nick : No DQ
Spoiler!!! :
Bike and Nick walk out, weapon in hand, looking ready to finally end this once and for all. When the bell rings the two men circle the ring, jawing at one another and feinting trying to get the other man to make a mistake. Both men holding a bat means neither man is willing to be overly aggressive.

As the jawing heats up both men's faces begin to show the anger brewing. Nick runs up and cocks back and Bike follows to try to counter it. Both men land and knock the other man the fuck out. Ambulances and peramedics rush to the scene and both men are taken out via stretcher to the nearby hospital.

Money in the Bank: Ed Philly / Mackinlee / YFH / PimpinSmurf / Original Punk / Franchise / DXLO / Pitcher Perfection
Spoiler!!! :
With all the talent in the ring the crowd is treated to a high flying match filled with memorable moments. Mackinlee and DXLO provide highlights for the majority of the match as they constantly try to go higher and higher. Pitcher, YFH, and Chise stick together and take little risks as they meticulously move through the match trying to find advantages to gain. Ed Philly steals the show as the ultimate risk taker, totally throwing caution to the wind. He splits time in the match landing amazing death defying moves and whiffing, thus falling flat on his face. Smurf and OP don't make a ton of noise until late in the match when they find themselves having to team up to take out the only other 3 men standing, the members of the Kliq. After a short brawl OP finds himself trusting Smurf a little too much, and is hit in the head with a ladder shortly after finishing the Kliq off. Smurf climbs the ladder, while Mack and DXLO try to find their way up to meet him at the top and stop him, but they are too late.

Winner: PimpinSmurf
RoMo & Lawnmower vs Jsimp : Handicapped Match
Spoiler!!! :
RoMo and Lawnmower come out and try to work out a way to co-exist while Jsimp enters carrying a 40 in one hand and a stack of meaningless sports statistics in the other. He climbs in the ring and meets his two opponents face to face. As the match goes on Jsimp holds his own, much to the crowd's surprise. Romo and Lawnmower seem to start losing confidence as they can't conclusively gain the upper hand in the match. But before long Jsimp loses his cool and begins screaming at the crowd that they don't have proper fan etiquette and he's blasted from behind with a double drop-kick and pinned.

Winner: RoMo & Lawnmower
Westryde & Liquid vs The Womanizing Wrasslers : SW Tag-Team Championship
Spoiler!!! :
It's clear these two teams have faced many times in the past. The both counter one another back and forth for several minutes, neither team finding much luck. West and Liquid gain ring control and with KevIncredible seemingly stuck in their corner, they are the first team to gain the upper hand. A few moves... tag... a few moves... tag... and so on as KevIncredible starts to wear down. A1C starts chanting from the other corner and the female dominated crowd goes wild to try to give KevIncredible the strength to get to the tag. But Westy and Liquid's teamwork is too strong and KevIncredible continues to get worn on in their corner. After several near falls KevIncredible slips out of a powerbomb attempt from Liquid and lunges towards his corner and tags A1C! A1C comes out blazing on Liquid and when Westy comes in the ring he's instantly tossed over the top rope by A1C. Dropkicks, punches, clotheslines, suplexes and Liquid is in trouble. Westy slides back in and hits A1C in the back of the head to give Liquid some time before the ref escorts him back to his corner, but while the ref is busy with that KevIncredible, finally able to stand again, makes his way between the ropes and he and A1C hit the Eiffel Tower on Liqud. KevIncredible meets Westy in the middle of the ring as A1C pins Liquid 1..2..3!

Winner: The Womanizing Wrasslers

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Re: The Apprentice - Task #2

Post by DudeyDan » Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:56 am

While I review both team's submissions, I'd like you to answer some questions:

sirmikeknight, how did you utilise your team in this task? Are you happy with your team's final submission?

nines, what did you think of sirmikeknight's performance as project manager? Who were the weak links on your team for this task?

Mackinlee, what did you contribute on this task? Who performed well on this task?

Matt Sin, what do you think of the other team's Wrestlemania? Are you happy with your team's final submission?

JSIMP, what did you contribute on this task? What do you think of the other team's Wrestlemania?


MVH, how did you utilise your team in this task? Are you satisfied with the final submission? I allowed you to have 10 matches, what was the reason you only had 8?

KevIncredible, what did you think of MVH's performance as project manager? What do you think of the other team's submission?

Ed Philly, what did you contribute on this task? Who were the weak links on your team?

Original Punk, what did you contribute on this task? What do you think of the other team's submission?

Da Mayer, are you happy with the final submission? What did you think of MVH's performance as project manager?
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