Short Outage + Re-Alignment of Site Announcements & Feedback Forum...

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Short Outage + Re-Alignment of Site Announcements & Feedback Forum...

Post by Franchise » Tue May 12, 2015 3:30 am

Not sure if anyone was on at the time but my apologies for the semi-brief downtime earlier sometime around or shortly after 1am EST. Not sure of the precise time but I was trying to configure the sub-domain to ready it to be used for the temp storage of the site's files and let's just say the directions I received weren't the greatest. It ended up swapping IPs on me for some reason and I couldn't get the server to recognize the old one so I had to fix that with the help of the host. They were having the same issues I was having with getting it to recognize the old IP again but luckily they were able to get it back up shortly after 2am EST. The turnaround time was great and I had them stay on to help me ready the sub-domain so I will begin moving the files over tomorrow with the expectation that no more outages will occur until the planned time of next Tuesday night (19th).

As you may have noticed already, we are reshuffling/re-aligning the Site Announcements & Feedback Forum. I discussed this with Mack and MVH last week and maybe the week before but we wanted to kind of keep the 'site is slow' types of threads separate from the Site Announcements so guests could not read them. It just doesn't really look good to prospective members in my opinion and could also come up in a google search. Anyhow, to keep things separately and hopefully make them more intuitive to users, I created Troubleshooting and Feedback sub-forums for reporting issues with the site and asking general site related questions. I left the Site Announcements in the main forum and restricted the access for creating new topics to Admins/elevated users for now just so the announcements from scorekeepers, admins, elevated users, etc, can stay separate from the feedback/issue reporting. Everyone should still have access to reply and vote in polls and such in this Site Announcements part as usual. We are still toying with make Site Announcements a sub-forum so it's easier to navigate off the main page and maybe move Affiliates in here as a sub-forum as well. Does anyone have any thoughts on how best this might work for users of the site or comments in general on the re-alignment of the top forum? The goal is to make it easier for everyone to be notified of announcements/changes, report issues, and just generally keep the sub-topics more organized.
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