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Re: User Custom Titles....

Post by Franchise » Sat Jan 21, 2017 7:45 pm

lfpnrg wrote:
lfpnrg wrote:I'll be a Hall Of Famer please :th:
Don't hinder The Jinder!

- 5x SW
- 30x TW
- 2x PPV
- 3x MITB
- 2x EWars
- 4x Survivor
- 2x TV Wars
- 2x Cup Games
- 3x PPV Wars
- 1x iWars
- 1x Ultimate Endurance
- 3x Jobber Wars
- 1x Bracket Brawl
- 6x Tag Team Challenge
- 1x Last Man Standing
- 1x SW Draft
- 1x Play-Per-View League

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