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Forum Rules

Post by Mackinlee » Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:07 pm

Forum Rules

-Flaming/Language Tolerance
Foul language is not prohibited on this board, however it is expected to be kept at a reasonable level. Excessive, pointless swearing will not be tolerated. Flaming other members must also be kept to a minimum. We all have our opinions and differences of opinions and discussions may get heated and this is fine. If it gets out of control the topic will be locked. Carrying arguments into other topics is not tolerated. Constant flaming of other members also will not be tolerated. Repeated offenders may be banned.
If you feel the need to be foolish and follow up your comments with something along the lines of "I suppose you're going to ban me now." You will get banned. Same goes for any mention from yourself about being banned. If you want it, you got it.

-Porn/Nudity Tolerance
We're guys and we like naked chicks. With certain restrictions, posting or linking to nude pictures is allowed. We have specific threads for just that (see the Boob Thread, Ass Thread, & Random Women of Wrestling threads). It is preferred that we stay within the realm of each thread. Sharing pictures of your favorite WWE Divas or TNA Knockouts wearing nothing or next to nothing is fine. Hardcore pornography will not be tolerated, there are plenty of other sites out there for that.

Many members view this site from work so proper warning must be given. If you are posting pictures in the midst of a thread, use the NSFW tags to hide the pictures and state that it is not work friendly. If you are starting a new topic for your pictures then put a warning in the subject that the thread is not work friendly.

For those who are offended by such images the warnings should be enough to prevent you from seeing stuff you don't want to see.

Signing up for the forum and immediately posting an advertisement will result in us making fun of you. Your post will likely be edited to further make fun of you and you will be banned. In other words spam accounts are not tolerated.

If you want promote outside work, you can sign up to be an Affiliate member to the site. A special thread has been dedicated to our Affiliates, and we ask that in return to be an Affiliate on your outside projects. You can PM Franchise, Mackinlee, or MVH for any further questions regarding the matter.

Only established members may have a link to another site in their signatures. If you don't know whether or not you're an established member, then you are probably not.

-Cleaning Up Accounts
At any point in time we reserve the right to clear out any un-used user accounts. We will not remove old accounts that have posts. From time to time we will remove accounts with zero posts, especially ones that have a website associated with them.

-Avatar and Signature Size
Signature and avatar pictures should be kept to a reasonable size so they do not disrupt the structure of thread pages. Signature pictures or banners should be kept under 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Avatars should be kept under 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Oversized avatars and signature pictures may be removed without warning. Signatures and Avatars must not cause users with 800 x 600 screen resolution to have to scroll sideways. Hardcore pornography and/or insensitive avatars and signatures will not be tolerated.

-Proper use of forums
Try to keep everything in it's appropriate section. The sections should be self-explanatory. Any posts based on movies or sports should be played in the movies or sports sections, not the forum games sections. No new games may be started in the Main Event Games section. If you wish to start a new game please use the Forum Games section. You do not need to ask an administrator if you can start a new game, you may start it on your own and it is up to you to bring in participants. If you feel your game is "large-scale" and need more forum resources for it then contact Franchise.

-Custom Titles
As you may have noticed, there are a large number of regulars with custom titles. For the most part they were earned by winning one of the main forum games. For the time being, no custom titles will be given out.

-Spoilers, Expands, & NSFW
Spoiler: Revealing the results or happenings on a wrestling show that has not aired in the US or Canada.
Example: Stating that Wrestler A beats Wrestler B on Smackdown sometime between the taping (Tuesday) and the air date (Thursday)
Example: Stating that Wrestler C has a match on Impact sometime between the taping (who knows) and the air date (who cares)

Not a Spoiler: News, rumors, results or happenings on a wrestling show that has aired in the US and Canada.
Example: 411mania reports that the New Day will break up (news/rumor)
Example: Talking about a match or vignette that occurred on Raw (result, already aired)
Example: Some wrestling site says Roman Reigns *WILL* win the title this Sunday (RUMOR!)

NSFW posts have already been hit on. Anything that could be considered pornography or gruesome should be NSFW.

When you want to post something really long, like a wrestling rumor or a podcast interview, that will take up a lot of space, use the Expand tag to minimize clutter on each page of a thread. Also when quoting a poster several times in a conversation, the quoting can get pretty long, and the Expand tag should also be considered.

How to hide your Spoilers
If there is an ongoing discussion in a wrestling related thread and you wish to contribute some information that is considered a spoiler then you must use a spoiler tag to hide it.

If you are starting a new topic discussing a topic that is considered a spoiler you must put "Spoilers" or "Contains Spoilers" in the topic title. In this case you do not need to use spoiler tags in each individual post since the entire topics is known to contain spoilers.

What if you break the rules?
If you do not properly hide or give warning about your spoilers you will receive disciplinary action

What if you have something spoiled for you?
If you spoil something for yourself by reading something that is hidden by a spoiler tag or in a topic with "Spoilers" in the title, then you got what you deserved and we don't want to hear your whining. If it was not in a spoiler tag and not in a topic with a spoiler warning in the title then please notify Franchise or Mackinlee.

Realistically there shouldn't be much complaining about spoilers because you should know by now that this site and just about any other wrestling site on the internet contains spoilers. If you never ever want to have things spoiled for you, stay away from sites like this.

-Where to direct questions/requests
Questions regarding any of the main event games should be asked in a new thread in the Main Event Games section, this includes questions about scoring. Questions about any other forum games should be asked in the appropriate games section, or via PM to the gamemaster of the game in question. Any other questions or feedback regarding the site or forum should be addressed in the Site Announcements and Feedback section. Any questions or comments that need to be kept private should be sent to the forum administrators, Franchise or Mackinlee, via PM.

Thank you,
Stablewars Administrator