AEW Stablewars Season 1 WINNER

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AEW Stablewars Season 1 WINNER

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Da Mayer (The Threat)

This is Da Mayer's 1st AEW SW win and 1st overall SW win. Other forum members in the top 10 include The Viper (The Threat), *SUNNY CHERYL* (The $9.99 Club), SoylentSmoothie, GM Bike (nWo), Franchise (Main Event Mafia), Lomachenko, Bronouns (One Fall), trips15 (Main Event Mafia), and Nick Clohessy (Her Majesty's Finest).
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Re: AEW Stablewars Season 1 WINNER

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Sorry for the delay on this as when I went to do it the other day, there was no functionality to actually archive the seasons for AEW SW as already existed for the others. Simple fix tho.
- 7x SW
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- 1x SW Draft
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- 1x Lethal Lottery
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Re: AEW Stablewars Season 1 WINNER

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Bout time you damn robot! :stick:
1st ever ROH & NXT UK TW Tag Team Champion w/Viper
1st ever WWEDiva's TW Champion
1st ever AEW TW World Champion
1st ever AEW SW Champ
1st Person to hold 3 women's TW titles
22x Titlewars Champion
13x PPV Champion
3x SASBY winner
2x MITB Winner
1x SW Champ (AEW's 1st season)

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