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Post by H-H-H » Mon Jul 22, 2002 1:29 pm

My Choices:

Chris Jericho - Main eventer.
My current substitute while HHH recovers. Will be traded for Hunter lickity split as soon as confirmation of the Game's return to the ring in Autumn.

Jeff Hardy: That Ladder match impressed the hell outta me. I think the guy is the bravest sonnovabitch the Fed has got right now.

Edge: I just like the guy. He piss takes Angle, 'nuff said. ^^

Rikishi: the guys is a solid choice. He's a good allrounder, and has won a fair share of matches in his time. PLUS he dances...

Ric Flair: He may be getting on in years, but he looks like a good choice for a while. If nature boy DOESN'T come up to scratch soon, however, I will trade him. Zero tolerance for failure, I'm afraid...

HBK Shawn Michaels: Now the NWO era has died, I'm not sure if he was a wise choice. He isn't active and his original reasons for return have all but died. Undergoing a serious re-evaluation of strategy.

Bossman: I just needed a cheap-ass guy, and Bossman was good enough. Fair dues...

My picks for the season, some changes WILL apply soon, however.

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Post by Cry Baby » Thu Jul 25, 2002 3:42 pm

I've discovered that my Stablewars roster is crap.

Ric Flair: Um, no program going whatsoever? I mean, it's not like he didn't have history with Bischoff. They could have written something for the greatest champion the sport has ever known, during his "last good run". Feh.

Bradshaw: No title defense on PPV or RAW? What, are they making this the Heat belt from now on? I wish Vince would have called me before I took on this heatless pile.

Nowinski: Downgraded to UT's run-in victim. What a turd he's turned out to be. Hopefully he gets some sort of Velocity run. Otherwise, this was another blown pick.

I am so bummed by these bums on my roster. I honestly thought Flair and Nowinski were heading toward their pushes, final and first respectively. I took Bradshaw because he was a champion and because of that damn flag on the belt. Thought they'd be showing that off a ton more. Super disappointed.

Brock has been solid. Rey will be solid. Molly is probably my chief point getter. Looking on it now, I'm begging to get to a trade window.

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