Number 1 again!

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Post by H-H-H » Mon Jul 22, 2002 1:19 pm

I'm waiting for trading to open, because I want to do a little 'Eric Bischoff' Impression of my own. I Wanna grab HHH ASAP for when he's active again. Y2J just isn't enough getting points.

BEWARE, My evil planning henceforth begins...


PS: I'll do better NEXT time, as being in the Over 200's rank is NOT acceptable. (Goes to berate Team WWE-Truth for being so damned pathetic at vengeance...)

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Post by KoolMoeDee » Mon Jul 22, 2002 1:20 pm

I just looked at it and if I had picked Rock instead of Taker as my main eventer, I do believe I would be tied for 1st!

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Post by Lord of Tays » Mon Jul 22, 2002 3:33 pm

Well you did pick the person who should have won last night. And I am sure that you could have done a lot of other stuff to be in first place as well.

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Post by Mayoots » Mon Jul 22, 2002 3:41 pm

And what about Benoit/Guerrero???
They've jobbed vs Bubba and Fuckin' Spike!!! Man that's bad, how can they gain some crediblity after lost like those... it sucks.

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Post by Cry Baby » Mon Jul 22, 2002 5:13 pm

Seiffer666, they can job Eddy & Chris to the Dudley Boys because it was a gimmick match that the Dudleys virtually invented. Almost no heat lost in losing that type of match. Chris will gain it all back bitchslapping Bubba tonight.

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Post by Cry Baby » Mon Jul 22, 2002 7:29 pm

Man, I went from around 20th place down to around last. I feel like a fool for not picking Rocky now. 21pts tossed away like so much nothing.

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Post by bibbster » Mon Jul 22, 2002 8:38 pm

On 2002-07-22 15:25, Crippler wrote:
After last season mess Im back with a Vengeance :grin:

Plus my teams number one as well, no doubt I carried all their asses to the top :grin:
Well. I was going to THANK you for putting OUR team in 1st place, but it seems you have been mighty busy thanking yourself. No need for me to add to it huh?

Oh, and you carried my ass? Like I would let you within a mile of it!! :grin:

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Post by Ronin » Tue Jul 23, 2002 11:22 am

Yeah way to go on first place and all. Looks like picking Kidman in the hopes he'd win the cruiserweight title didn't really work, and I was torn between Rock and Brock. I was SURE Brock would win the IC title and figured Rock winning was 50/50, so I went with the sure thing. Big mistake. And I thought for sure Trish would've won the women's title back by now. Oh well, I've still got Christian and Storm to hopefully get lots of tag title defenses.

And what's this nonsense about carrying our team? You had a lucky PPV, that's all. :grin:

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