Extreme Rules Titlewars Fallout

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Extreme Rules Titlewars Fallout

Post by Mackinlee » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:11 pm



The Miz was once again able to outsmart Dean Ambrose, this time working the match stipulations to his advantage, and win his 7th(!) IC Title. Only one man has held the title longer, and that's Chris Jericho at 9. Dean Ambrose's reign ends at an impressive 152 days. A reign that did not end is RegardsAdam, because all title picks had expired, so his 202 days as champion continues.

The Hardy Boyz pick of a Steel Cage match stipulation was not favorable, as both Sheamus and Cesaro was able to escape the cage first after a mistake on Jeff Hardy's part. This is Sheamus and Cesaro's second run as champs together, and the Hardy's first loss since returning, tho not but pinfall or submission. Only one had faith in the team to win the titles back, but those picks expired back in April, so Y2LK3 hang on to the gold. LK003 and Y2JV are over 125 days into their reign.

Picks for the next champs will need to be made before RAW next Monday, June 12th at 8:00 PM EST. Picks can be made here: Good luck

IC Championship:

RAW Tag Championship:

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