TNA Stablewars Season 51

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TNA Stablewars Season 51

Post by Franchise » Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:06 am

TNA Stablewars Season 51

Since we have clarity on TNA's immediate future, we are launching the brand new TNA Stablewars season in conjunction with their debut broadcast on Destination America. Due to some of the taping info we have been able to cobble together being somewhat fluid, the trade window and exact season end dates are tentative at this time. We should know more info once TNA tapes their initial shows in NYC the 7th, 8th, and 9th in January, but the plan right now is to open the Trade Window the week before they go to the UK, as illustrated below, and for those trades to take effect after all of the NYC tapings have finished airing. As of right now, the post-trade window stables would take effect with the February 13th episode of Impact (Impact will begin airing on Fridays beginning with their 2nd show on Destination America on January 16th).

Season 51 Details
Registration: Dec 13th - Jan 7th
Season: Jan 7th - Mar 6th (tentative end date; might be pushed to Mar 20th)
Trade Window: Jan 22th - Jan 29th (tentative)
Breakdown: PPV unknown; 5/4 weeks (tentative)

Stables must be submitted by Wednesday, January 7th at 8pm EST

Salary List

Main Eventers
2.50M - Bobby Roode
2.40M - Lashley
2.30M - MVP
2.20M - Jeff Hardy
2.10M - Bully Ray
2.00M - Kurt Angle*

1.00M - Low Ki
0.95M - James Storm, Abyss
0.90M - Austin Aries, Samoa Joe*, Eric Young
0.85M - Bram, Magnus, Ethan Carter III
0.80M - Davey Richards*, Eddie Edwards
0.75M - Kenny King, Mr. Anderson, Chris Melendez
0.70M - Gunner, Samuel Shaw
0.65M - Tyrus, Rockstar Spud
0.60M - Devon, Matt Hardy, Homicide
0.55M - Manik, The Great Sanada, Mahabali Shera, Mark Andrews
0.50M - Crazzy Steve, Knux, The Freak
0.45M - DJ Z, Jessie Godderz, Robbie E
0.40M - Tigre Uno, Tommy Dreamer Sharkboy
0.35M - Rhino*, Garrett Bischoff, King Mo

Knockouts / Semi-Active
0.50M - Taryn Terrell
0.45M - Havok, Awesome Kong
0.40M - Gail Kim, Madison Rayne
0.35M - Angelina Love, Velvet Sky
0.30M - Brooke, Rebel
0.25M - Christy Hemme, Dixie Carter
0.20M - Rampage Jackson
0.15M - Mike Tenay, Taz, Josh Mathews
0.10M - Hector Guerrero, Jeremy Borash, Willie Urbina
- 5x SW
- 31x TW
- 4x PPV
- 3x MITB
- 2x EWars
- 4x Survivor
- 2x TV Wars
- 2x Cup Games
- 3x PPV Wars
- 1x iWars
- 1x Ultimate Endurance
- 3x Jobber Wars
- 2x Bracket Brawl
- 6x Tag Team Challenge
- 1x Last Man Standing
- 1x SW Draft
- 1x Play-Per-View League

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Re: TNA Stablewars Season 51

Post by MVH » Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:41 am

Trade window opened until January 29th @ 2PM EST. Trades won't go into effect until February 13th.

This is because the current set of tapings runs until February 6th, and the UK tapings will start airing from the 13th.

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