TNA Stablewars Season 56

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TNA Stablewars Season 56

Post by Franchise » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:08 pm

TNA Stablewars Season 56

The next season of TNA Stablewars will kick off with the Bound for Glory PPV this Sunday. As a *huge* disclaimer, we are NOT planning on having a trade window this season because TNA appears to be taping through the end of the year immediately after the BFG PPV. Please keep that in mind when selecting your stable.

IF we become aware of a break in the season for tapings, we will make an announcement for a trade window with the same end date in mind. That does not look likely at this time but with TNA and their schedule, you never really know.

Season 56 Details:
Season 56 Registration: Sept 26 - Oct 02
Season 56: Oct 02 - December 15
Season 56 Trade Window: N/A
Season 56 Breakdown: 11/0 weeks; 1/0 PPV

Stables must be submitted by October 2nd, at 4:30 PM EST. Picks can be made here:

Main Eventers
2.50M - Lashley
2.45M - EC3
2.40M - Matt Hardy
2.30M - Jeff Hardy
2.20M - Drew Galloway

1.00M - Abyss, Crazzy Steve, Aron Rex
0.95M - Moose, Mike Bennett
0.90M - DJZ, Cody Rhodes
0.85M - Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake
0.80M - Robbie E, Jessie Goderz, James Storm
0.75M - Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter
0.70M - Andrew Everrett, Trevor Lee
0.65M - Basille Baracca, Baron Dax, Bram
0.60M - Mandrews, Mahabali Shera, Grado
0.55M - Tigre Uno*, Tyrus
0.50M - Davey Richards*, Caleb Konely
0.45M - Marshe Rockett, Al Snow
0.40M - King Mo, Gregory Shane Helms,

Knockouts / Semi-Active
0.50M - Maria
0.45M - Gail Kim
0.40M - Jade, Sienna
0.35M - Allie, Madison Raye, Brandi Rhodes
0.30M - Marti Bell, Laurel Vanness
0.25M - Rosemary, Reby Sky, Raquel
0.20M - Billy Corgan, Dixie Carter
0.15M - Jeremy Borash, McKenzie Mitchell
0.10M - Josh Mathews, D'Angelo Dinero
- 5x SW
- 34x TW
- 4x PPV
- 3x MITB
- 2x EWars
- 4x Survivor
- 2x TV Wars
- 2x Cup Games
- 4x PPV Wars
- 1x iWars
- 1x Ultimate Endurance
- 3x Jobber Wars
- 2x Bracket Brawl
- 7x Tag Team Challenge
- 1x Last Man Standing
- 1x SW Draft
- 1x Play-Per-View League

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