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Impact Grand Championship Retained

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:54 pm
by Franchise
On the March 15th episode of Impact, Matt Sydal revealed Josh Matthews to be his spiritual advisor and handed him the Impact Grand Championship. Somehow this held up until Sydal would then defend on Matthews' behalf against Austin Aries in a winner-take-all match on March 29th that also saw Aries' Impact World Championship on the line. The self-proclaimed ' Belt Collector' Austin Aries won the winner-take-all match and added the Grand Championship to his collection.

Impact is taping this Monday through Thursday. As such, registration for the Grand Championship is tentatively going to be open until Thursday, April 26th, at 8pm Eastern. IF the title should change hands during any of the tapings, registration will close early. Make sure to get your picks in ASAP in case the title changes hands during the tapings.

It should be noted: in the event the title changes hands during the tapings, *any* picks made after the spoilers are first reported will not count. ... itle=tnagc