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Slammiversary 2012 Play-Per-View

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:38 am
by Watsuki
Winner: Da Mayer (Revolution)

First of all, sorry for not getting around to posting the card like usual, and for the delay of the results. I was away on business and didn't have any opportunity to get online. Da Mayer has won his first ever TNA Play-Per-View. He also has one WWE win, one ROH win and four UFC wins. He only had one match wrong, picking Gail Kim to retain. A few others had only one pick wrong as well, but those were bigger upsets and worth more points. The 10 points moves Da Mayer up to a tie for 9th in the grand championship with 28 points. KoolMoeDee continues to lead and now has 38 points. Westryde is his closest competitor with 34 points.