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How to Play
Sometime in the days leading up to a pay-per-view, when the card seems to final, a link to the registration page will appear at the top of this page. Simply select who you think will win (or no contest) from the drop down boxes and enter your tie-breaker match time and submit.

Play-Per-View Scoring
For each match in which you correctly guess the results, you recieve one point. Additionally, for each player who incorrectly guesses the result of that match, you recieve an additional point. So getting a long shot right would pay off quite well, whereas getting a heavy favorite right won't give too many points. Should a match be changed significantly or not happen on the pay-per-view, it will be omitted from scoring (see Play-Per-View Rules section for more info).

Play-Per-View Rules
The following rules have been established for determining whether or not a match will be omitted from scoring:

- Any participant changes or a change to/from an elimination match throws the match out.
- Any stip changes throws the match out (i.e. from a title match to a non-title match (and vice-versa) or from a No DQ match to a normal match (and vice-versa).
- Any official forfeit win will count (i.e. there is an official winner, an entrance, the bell rings, a winner is declared/has hand raised (as opposed to some gimmick where the manager does it or something), and it is officially recognized by the fed (like WWE.Com)).

These may be periodically reviewed following future PPVs if such a situation arises that warrants review but new rules will never retroactively go in effect.

Grand Championship
In addition to having a winner every pay-per-view, a grand champion is determined based on performance over the course of an entire year. You are automatically entered in the grand championship when you enter Play-Per-View and you can join mid-season.

The seasons are scheduled as follows:
WWE - Backlash to Wrestlemania
TNA - Genesis to Bound for Glory
On a calendar basis (Jan 1st to Dec 31st)

Grand Championship Scoring
Scoring breakdowns are based upon a factor of 10. If the total number of participants in a Play-Per-View event is not divisible by 10, the number will be rounded up to the next factor of 10 to determine the base for breakdown of scoring. Participants must score points in a Play-Per-View to be eligible to receive points for that Play-Per-View towards the Grand Championship.

The points breakdown is as follows:
First Place: 10 points
Next 10% in Standings: 6 points
Next 20% in Standings: 4 points
Next 30% in Standings: 3 points
Next 20% in Standings: 2 points
Next 10% in Standings: 1 point
Remaining Players/No Score: 0 points

Non-forum players should be sure to use the exact same name every pay-per-view so your points add up properly. This is why using a forumname is preferred, even if you don't post in the forum.

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